Dial 000 on your phone

Police – Crime Emergencies, Car accidents

Ambulance – Critical Health Events and Accidents

Fire Service – Any fires

Water Safety

Australia has many attractive beaches, some of the best are along the Adelaide Coastline.

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, you should read the advise about Water Safety on the Swim Australia website.

There are risks you should be aware of for swimming at the beach and in other bodies of water like lakes, ponds and rivers.

The Police

Each State in Australia has a Police Force.  The Police do not create the laws, the Governments of Australia do that. The Police administer the laws and rules.

Visit the South Australian Police Website for more information about the services and information on how to stay safe while you are living and studying in Adelaide.


Driving in South Australia

The majority of the Road Rules in Australia are the same in each State, but there can be differences such as the maximum speed limits for example.

If you intend to drive in Australia, you must learn Road Safety

Information on Crime Prevention and Security

The SA Police website also has useful information on safety and security.  As well as information on how to contact the Police.

Police Station locations can be found here.


The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS)

The MFS website has brochures on fire safety translated into many languages.

You should also be aware that for all of the spring and summer months in Australia it is common to have a ban on fires in the open.