Adelaide FringeVIEW

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Adelaide FringeVIEW


Time: 1st May- 31st May 2020 


The Adelaide Fringe is Australia's largest Arts Festival and the second biggest Fringe Festival in the world! It is surrounded for 31 magical days and nights each year, and if you ask anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to experience the Fringe, they’ll tell you that it’s the best time of year to be in Adelaide.

The atmosphere is indescribable, but here are some words that almost do the job; mythical, magical, fantabulous. You get the idea – we’re one in a million.

Venues big and small, pop-up and permanent, house thousands of artists from all over Adelaide, Australia and the world. Around most of Adelaide’s corners, whether in an alleyway, a tent, a pub; a laundromat, or an abandoned hospital, you’ll be bound to find Fringe goodness in some shape or form.

However, due to the coronavirus crisis this year, Adelaide Fringe becomes Adelaide FringeVIEW, and you can enjoy all kinds of shows online. 

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